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4/20 vision. more money than christians. these whores diss and i'm hiding corpses underneath bridges. i stay dumb as bricks cuz forrest gump is religion. shorty ain't tippin? shorty trippin. shorty's a dipshit. my force awakens. i'm known to torture some bacon. take the porsche to vegas for some stories of a sordid nature. i score some mango haze and just blaze so i'm more creative than i pour jameson in my face so i'm more elated. now, this is for them long night shifts slower than rain man and puttin on nice grins faker than spray tans. talking to wall-eyed bitches about some wheat toast and using up all my strength not to scream at them hoes. trynna increase the cake the legal way but jake is struggling. might need to cop some heat and wait until the day of judgement. bitch i know it's coming, i'm a blind prophet. fine, just roll your eyes and scoff but i can't get my mind off it. pull up in a green impala. we treat the weed like allah. me and the team be rolling steam and if you need it, holla. you just a eucalyptus leaf and we koalas. we some dolla snatchin people, man. we'll steve seagal ya. disease and famine is rampant and i need some weed to manage. my words are the paintbrush and fucker, the beat is the canvas. i'm hungry like plastic hippos. this goes out to the kin-folk who was with me back in the day like in '08 when i was shit-broke. we came a long ass way, but i guess we made it from rollin up dimes and pennies to private jets to jamaica. bizzare shit. i used to get my car stripped now i'm gettin cigars like and bear skin is the carpet. i be the one track minded dumbass white kid. my flow be hotter than fire pits. fuck that trite shit. i'm just trynna inspire, bitch. i'm just honest. you need to read your ass a book or get some hooked on phonics. i'm screaming "legalize prostitution and pot-using. open the borders up, who gives a fuck? we're not usin em. free every inmate in prison and let's get some bacon sizzlin. the future is yours. quit playin, make a decision.


from SHITMONGER, released July 5, 2016




JACKET Atlanta, Georgia

i'm jacket

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