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some days i'm kinda lonely and i need someone to hold me and take away my pain. sometimes love is tough to manage but with some trust and understanding it'll be okay. and if you want my love don't hesitate cuz baby you knock me out like a featherweight. and if you need my touch don't be afraid cuz honey you knock me out like a featherweight. and baby i got you. life was giving me uppercuts, til i met you and i struck some luck. the kid was fuckin up, now you got me on the up and up. my heart was turning cold but you nourished my soul. man, you got me feeling high like i just burned a bowl. klinkin wine glasses on a moonlit beach on vacation. now i'm lovedrunk, baby, might need to uber to the days inn. we overcame the lame shit cuz we had patience, now it looks like we made it like how that twain bitch stated it. though life can get kinda fucked up, i got you to tell me what's what and make it all just melt. even though i get frustrated, when i'm with you i feel elated and i can be myself. cuz baby you got me. okay, we did it on your own, baby. amateur method. when i'm with you i feel at home, baby. damn you're a blessing. you know you got me seein stars. heart racin like i was stealin cars, plus my head's buzzin like i was puffin on three cigars. bubble bath splashin with my other half, laughin. i put none above her. fate made us lovers; it had to happen. the sad rapper got a bad lass and switched his tune. now he's mad passionate love trippin like he did some shrooms. let's put something up in your womb like fuck it, dude. all i see is the future when i look into your baby blues. the white picket fence, a porch swing too. work would be nothin as long as i'm comin home to you. god damn you got me buggin. damn you're really somethin. you make me so glad to be your man. i really love ya. all the bullshit i been though don't cause me alarm because that same bullshit brought me into your arms and i'm happy, girl. <3


from SHITMONGER, released July 5, 2016




JACKET Atlanta, Georgia

i'm jacket

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