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can i vibe with you? cuz i gotta vibe with some body. you the only body around. i think me and you should get down and just go out on the town. i got an ounce of that loud, so let's bounce. back to the crib, where we can be gettin into some nasty shit. let's make a pact and have a dip in some acid with our wrists slit open. leave a note on the mattress, bitch. jacket's had it up to here with this rappin shit. i'm sick of workin for tips from jerks and bitches. i think i'm finna quit and get into the murder business. my soul's listless. my whole shit's just beat down. these clowns finna get the kid on his steve chow. i'm so negative. naw, i'm just unedited. pop a sedative. money's tight like blood relatives. ain't finna settle with this. i'm onto better shit. fuck a 10 to 6. i'm runnin for drug president. fuck sittin in traffic. feel like i'm on cash cab and every red light is a challenge. i'm trynna lose some wait/weight so i'm having a tossed salad and i'm talented enough to throw these hacks off balance. been in the industry since i was fifteen. the stress got a kid addicted to schlitz and nicotine. a man should quit before his anger gets explosive. imma hand em in my two finger notice. lemme vibe with ya. lemme just quit the real shit. that ill shit, homie. lemme know if you feel it, fucker. it's my world and bitch, time is of the essence. let's have us a fuckin bad vibe session cuz i'm stressed out.


from SHITMONGER, released July 5, 2016




JACKET Atlanta, Georgia

i'm jacket

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