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posted on the block with my cigarettes. slinging rock, smoking pot, drinking triple sec. the album flopped so it's back to drug music. i'm a motherfucking problem. fuck a buddhist. i must do this. jacket needs to get back in the black stat and so to increase the cash he be bagging up mad kraken. now he seems to be stackin up mad racks. catch him on capitol ave or just travelin like mad max. peoplestown has got a homeless problem. one mile over from grant park they sellin dope and robbin. sellin pussy after dark cuz they be broke and jobless. me, i got my GED but i ain't go to college. we the children of a dead god. we hedgehogs. no hedge funds, just fresh ones. yeah we be them motherfuckers. all my dogs got stepsons. self-made wealthy since 12th grade, smell me? i been a well-paid hellraiser since regis was felching kelly. i gets the party poppin. sober's hardly an option. you tards keep talkin smart if you wanna part with your noggin. what's a king to a stoner god? bitch it's quite trite. chartered a jet from bogota. call it white flight. corrosive like an acid burn on all you stupid fucks. man, i smoke until i'm taciturn. i used to fuck your system up, now i sell drugs that fuck your system up. simple sluts who think i give a fuck can kiss my pimpled butt. jacket's back like it's the wintertime. i'm in your mind. sinner biding time on earth before the end of times. jacket's off; it's gettin warm in here. i'm norman lear. swarmin' rears like i was trynna start a porn career…but that's the work.


from SHITMONGER, released July 5, 2016




JACKET Atlanta, Georgia

i'm jacket

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