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get cozy with jacket. shit's homeopathic. i'm firing up with the homies. bitch, loan me some matches. we smoking that classic. you smoking that cat shit. you act like we homies but you don't know me. get back, bitch. i ain't new to this bull. stupid, i'll loosen your skull. just copped a beautiful new blue coupe and hit the cruise control. yo, where's the lighter fluid? bitch i'm the shoenice of music. get live in a cypher. i'm hype like a ryker's island dude is. pass the chillum. rap and pillage. stack the pillsbury. glass of miller, stat. and fill it fast; i've got some kills to bury. persian rugs. we murderous thugs who chug the bourbon. fuck a sermon. i'm no fucking servant. i got drugs for purchase. i be the son of a bitch that be running this shit. got a gat and a banana clip strapped to the front of my shit. look fine as heck in a calvin klein v-neck. i reside in a palace. i'm more callous than a t-rex. hit me up on the cellular. got weed in the jeans, you can smell the herb. got crack in the jaw. sell a sack to your paw. got a knack for the raw, so to hell with ya. i'm a badass dude trynna stack the cash. you a wackass punk with a dumb mustache. put a price on you, that's a target sale. drop your body in the drink with the sharks and whales. all i day i sips la croix like i'm a hipster boy. posted on the corner with the work so come and get it, boy. slinging boy since i was young enough for christmas toys. jacket's back, you bitches. oi!


from SHITMONGER, released July 5, 2016




JACKET Atlanta, Georgia

i'm jacket

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