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vamoose, you rude fucker. the dude's a true juice lover. filling you up like two suppers or a used rubber. my crew's a bunch of glue huffers and poop scrubbers who grew up in gutters and ain't used to food in the cupboard. i spoke the truth and accrued duckets. man i got it. been rocking stages since the days of the jk project. i'm cocky/obnoxious. taking shots til i vomit. drink a bottle of sake and wash it down with a vodka tonic. i'm a goofball. use the booth like a bathroom stall. you rappers need to stop acting, this ain't a casting call. you rappers need to stop playing, this ain't a chucky cheese. leave you with a bunch of cuts and lesions if you fuck with me. you suck like chest wounds. confess, stupid. get future to shoot you like you ain't trusted by metro boomin, damn. i'm going ham and cheese sandwich. roll the freaking camera. if he ain't damaging beats he's asleep in a hammock. summer time. what i want is mine. don't ever try me, dog. you must've lost your fucking mind. y'all just illuminati puppets. i'm fed up with lies. so grab my hog and suck it off til i bust in your eye. swag it out like new shoes. the dude's crew is a who's who of lude mamma jammas that belong in the atlanta zoo. try to tangle with dude, get strangled and bruised. fuck a star spangled banner, bitch i'll kurt angle your boo. peep the flat screen. coffee's the vaccine. catch me rocking shades and curlers like i'm maxine. jacket's good for your body like some flax seed. quit playin' and pass the weed before i get nasty and mean.


from SHITMONGER, released July 5, 2016




JACKET Atlanta, Georgia

i'm jacket

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