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hopping out the car like a jackass. get money go hard. fuck the backlash. shorty wanna be a star like ASCAP but i be pulling that card like blackjack. i'm about to spaz on a rent-a-cop. swagger on a milli. got the philly blunt twisted, wanna hit it? better kill me. i'm really the fucking truth. go silly up in the booth. my wrist is too chilly. i run with the same crew. no love for a state troop. my money just ain't new. you asking the bartender to front you some grey goose. man…no shame. i went from nothing to fame like the homies in glo gang. now i'm chillin. your stack's smaller than krillin. my stack's tall as a building. i'm rappin for all the children. preschool. these fools ain't shit. i don't barter, i get it. i'm harder than fake tits. i'm lamping in first class cuz no one can surpass the boy. i'm from the city that birthed pastor troy. i'm from the city that birthed chris bridges. trynna do a couple lines, smoke purp and get lifted. i'm a phony? that's bologna. you don't know me or the homies. you a pony ass jabroni and you probably work at shony's. you can't throw me. i'm too tony. just fall back. dressed in all black. ask kenan, i'm all that.


from SHITMONGER, released July 5, 2016




JACKET Atlanta, Georgia

i'm jacket

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