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smokin weed until i'm taciturn. i'm feelin flyer than the guy known as captain herb. i drink so much i need a catheter. i got some cash to burn, i'm finna splurge on pabst and burgers and that's my word. murder kroger is my grocer, homes. caesar coze of hip hop. i keeps a loaded chrome chillin in the waist with an eighth of the kush. why you takin' a look? i'm jake crook. fuck you if you put faith in a book. mercy me. jacket heard you got some beef, he gave his peoples the word and now you're murdered in the street. went from workin in the service industry to burnin weed with kings and queens while you nervously purchase the new CD. man your bases, it's the atlanta made hand grenade. damn i'm paid. your grandma's pager's in my rolodex. it's hood politics. i should call it quits but shorty givin me knowledge like a college kid. i'm ballin, bitch. let me show you how gentlemen flirt. notice my genitals turn to stone when she trembles and twerks. bro, it's essential to burn the most presidential of herb. and no, we pay no attention to a pencil-dick jerk. time to run it back to the crib with a platinum wrist. i've had it with pigs acting savage-ish and just hasslin' the kid. you can catch me on capitol ave with a six pack of the schlitz. after i drink it, i'll be havin a fit.


from SHITMONGER, released July 5, 2016




JACKET Atlanta, Georgia

i'm jacket

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