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flyin' high in the sky like air force one. presidential. got a lot of good weed, would you care for some? let's just share some blunts and get sensual. 4:20 on the dot. got money and pot. two fingers in the face to a wannabe cop. got papes and a nug, we could break it up or we could vape to get fucked up. been a long ass week. i'm trynna chief the pain away. go to babylon like we some david greys. trichomes, red hairs and crystals. rest in peace to the homie named harris wittels. crown vic, two seats, bitch. bruce lee roundhouse kick to the dick of a roosh v. you're trynna talk about jesus...who's he? all i need is some weed and a loose leaf. they try to box in jake but as long as i take in oxygen i'm not finna break. and if you long in the face just put on my tape, it'll make you feel calm and ok. back in the day it was ramen and easy mac, then johnson and johnson put me on the map. work was bleedin' me dry like hemophiliacs, now i'm on your motherfuckin mind like a beanie hat. ridin' shottie with the ghost like jason. act snotty get the chrome to your face, kid. your living situation is your mom's basement. i got a gold pottie in my home with a bidet, shit! long finger to a pop song singer. i'm a bong ripper, you a hot dog sniffer. shit, i ain't trynna play mah-jongg with ya. imma pop pop pop and the glock gon' get ya. i know you motherfuckers love it. seated in the s600, man i'm runnin' up the budget. gettin money, gettin blunted. gun up in the glovebox, stuntin while i'm puffin on the chronic. trynna get a table at the bluebird, smokin on a blunt big enough to be a new word. you heard? i'm a piece of work. finna chief mad purp til i leave the earth. man, rap is the platform. smashin' the backboard. and i might drop a rack at the app store. and i might drop a millie on a new whip. hit the switch, lose the ceiling and i cruise, bitch. you can catch the kid at the majestic. i'm famous so i keep a bulletproof vest. sick of a cop, sick of a mop, fixin to pop off with the chopper. slob on the tip of the cock through my boxers.


from SHITMONGER, released July 5, 2016




JACKET Atlanta, Georgia

i'm jacket

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